• The Centennial Celebration In Photos:

  • Iota-AGR-100th_100.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_102.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_103.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_104.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_105.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_106.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_107.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_108.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_109.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_110.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_111.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_112.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_113.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_114.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_115.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_116.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_117.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_118.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_119.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_120.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_121.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_122.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_123.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_124.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_125.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_126.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_127.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_128.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_129.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_130.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_131.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_132.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_133.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_134.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_135.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_136.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_137.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_138.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_139.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_140.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_141.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_142.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_143.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_144.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_145.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_146.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_147.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_148.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_149.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_150.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_151.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_152.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_153.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_154.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_155.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_156.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_157.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_158.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_159.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_160.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_161.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_162.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_163.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_164.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_165.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_166.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_167.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_168.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_169.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_170.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_171.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_172.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_174.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_175.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_176.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_177.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_178.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_179.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_180.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_181.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_182.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_183.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_184.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_185.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_186.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_187.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_188.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_189.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_190.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_191.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_192.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_193.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_194.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_195.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_196.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_197.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_198.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_199.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_200.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_201.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_202.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_203.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_204.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_205.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_206.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_207.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_208.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_209.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_210.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_211.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_212.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_213.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_214.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_215.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_216.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_217.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_218.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_219.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_221.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_222.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_223.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_224.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_225.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_226.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_227.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_228.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_229.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_230.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_231.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_232.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_233.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_234.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_235.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_236.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_237.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_238.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_239.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_240.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_241.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_242.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_243.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_244.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_245.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_246.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_247.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_248.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_249.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_250.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_251.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_252.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_253.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_254.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_255.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_256.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_257.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_258.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_259.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_260.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_261.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_262.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_263.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_264.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_265.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_266.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_267.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_268.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_269.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_270.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_271.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_273.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_274.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_275.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_276.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_277.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_278.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_279.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_280.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_281.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_282.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_283.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_284.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_285.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_286.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_287.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_288.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_289.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_290.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_291.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_292.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_293.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_294.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_295.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_296.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_297.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_298.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_299.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_300.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_301.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_302.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_303.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_304.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_305.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_306.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_307.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_308.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_309.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_310.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_311.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_312.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_313.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_314.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_315.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_316.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_317.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_318.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_319.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_320.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_321.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_322.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_323.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_324.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_325.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_327.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_328.JPG Iota-AGR-100th_329.JPG
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  • Schedule of events for the AGR 100th Anniversary


    Friday, April 8, 2016


    4 to 8 pm: Small group dinners coordinated by Friday Night AGR Captains.

                            Dinners will take place throughout Madison


    8 to 12 pm: Soggy Prairie Boys Band, Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel

                            A dessert bar and hosted bar will be available


    Saturday, April 9, 2016


    8 to 9:15 am: Breakfast buffet, Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel 


    9:15 to 10:15 am: Founder’s Day Business meeting,

    Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel


    10:30 am: Busses load for Feeding the 9 Billion Panel discussion

    Buses load outside main lobby at the Concourse Hotel 


    11 am to Noon: Feeding the 9 Billion Panel discussion

    Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery 


    Noon – Rotating tours begin. Note, everyone must stay on their original busses 


    Tours Each stop is approximately 45 Minutes:


    Bus Tour 1: 

    12:15 to 1 pm, Stop 1: AGR House

    1:15 to 2 pm, Stop 2: Dairy Cattle Center

    2:15 to 3 pm, Stop 3: Meat Lab and Babcock Dairy Plant

    3:15 pm, Stop 4: Concourse Hotel


    Bus Tour 2: 

    12:15 to 1 pm, Stop 1: Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery 

    1:15 to 2 pm, Stop 2: AGR House

    2:15 to 3 pm, Stop 3: Dairy Cattle Center

    3:15 pm, Stop 4: Concourse Hotel


    Bus Tour 3: 

    12:15 to 1 pm, Stop 1: Dairy Cattle Center

    1:15 to 2 pm, Stop 2: Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery 

    2:15 to 3 pm, Stop 3: AGR House

    Stop 4: Concourse Hotel


    Bus Tour 4: 

    12:15 to 1 pm, Stop 1: AGR House

    1:15 to 2 pm, Stop 2: Meat Lab and Babcock Dairy Plant

    2:15 to 3 pm, Stop 3: Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery 

    3:15 pm, Stop 4: Concourse Hotel


    3:15 pm to 5:30: Free time to mix and mingle


    5:30 to 6:30 pm: Happy Hour, Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel


    6:30 to 7:30 pm: Gala Dinner, Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel


    7:30 to 9 pm: Gala Celebration, Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms, Concourse Hotel


    9 pm and beyond: Celebrating AGR, free time of fellowship mixing and mingling


    Sunday, April 10, 2016


    No formal events planned


    Information About Our 100th Anniversary Celebration


    Registrations have been arriving quite strong for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Iota Chapter on April 8 and 9. Be sure you are part of the extravaganza by registering today as space is limited to the first 350 registrants. Why 350?  That is the capacity for many of our main events and the Saturday night Gala.


    Celebration headquarters will be the Madison Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison. To register, complete the form listed below. The best registration rates can be obtained by registering for the entire event.


    Our events chairs have some wonderful activities planned that will make the weekend the most memorable one in Iota history.


    Friday, April 8, will be spearheaded by Brothers Scott Borgwardt, #1252, and Nick Uglow, #1343. Designed to celebrate our pledge class system of yesteryear, well over a dozen “Friday Night Captains” will be calling their AGR peers to help fellow brothers in their age group to get reconnected in small groups for dinner in the greater Madison area. The “Friday Night Captains” will be contacting fellow brothers to coordinate the gatherings. Below there is a listing of all the “Friday Night Captains” just in case a connection hasn’t been made with you.


    For alumni who were initiated 1960 and earlier who would simply like to park their cars and dine at the Concourse on Friday night, a Private Dining Room has been reserved for dining off the menu. This option will be ala cart and be an additional charge above the registration costs. If you would like to partake in this option, check the box on the registration form so we can get an idea on space needs for the Friday night dinner.


    After those smaller group dinners throughout Madison, Brothers Borgwardt and Uglow will ask all Brothers, their spouses or guests to come back to the Madison Concourse Hotel around 8 p.m. In addition to a full desert bar, the evening will feature the Soggy Prairie Boys Band to get all generations mingling. The band will play until midnight and a cash bar will be available.


    Saturday morning will begin with a breakfast buffet (our main meal until the banquet) for AGRs and their guests from 8-9:15 a.m. This will be immediately followed by an abbreviated Founder’s Day meeting beginning at 9:15 (to take one hour or less) for AGR Brothers only. Both will take place at the Madison Concourse Hotel. At 10:30 AGRs and their guests (guests can join AGRs for the remainder of the day’s activities) can board buses for an open house at the Iota Chapter House at 233 West Lake Lawn Place. As everyone knows, parking is limited downtown, so the busses will shuttle everyone on Saturday so AGRs and their guests can enjoy the day.


    Following the open house, which will feature a light snack busses will once again load for an early Saturday afternoon educational session led by Brothers Jerry Steiner, #1011, and Pete Kappelman, #1085. The session will take place at the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery with an educational program focusing on “Feeding the 9 billion.” Brothers Steiner and Kappelman have been to countless industry-leading conferences and they will no doubt plan a session that will be worth your trip to Madison all by itself. After that session, some campus tours will take place (locations being finalized) with the goal of getting everyone back to the Concourse by 3:30. That will allow everyone plenty of time to relax and regroup for Happy Hour slated for 5:30.


    Saturday evening, Brothers John Cull, #744; Gordie Gasch, #798; and Lan Waddell, #802 have stepped up to tri-chair a capstone gala at the Concourse Hotel. The master of ceremonies will be the ever-entertaining Mike Hutjens, # 735. Having seen the best and not so best that banquets can offer, this experienced team will work together to create a fast-paced, yet fitting tribute to Iota’s first 100 years and celebrate the launch of our second century.


    Happy Hour begins at 5:30 that evening, the Gala meal at 6:30, followed by the 100th Anniversary Banquet at 7:30. This will be an event for the ages as we look back at Iota’s past 100 years and turn our eyes toward the future. As a reminder, all of the traditional Founder’s Day Banquet awards will be moved to another date and time, as we want Brothers to reconnect with one another. The one exception to that will be the honoring of our 50-year initiates.


    For those who would like to book their rooms, The Madison Concourse Hotel will serve as base camp for our 100th Celebration. Room rates are $139 (single rate) and $149 (double rate). To reserve your room, you may call 1 800 356-8293 and identify the group as “Alpha Gamma Rho 100th Anniversary Event.”


    Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho . . . Iota’s 100th will be a must-attend event. Mark your calendars for April 8 and 9, 2016. We will see you there.


    Fraternally yours.


    Corey Geiger and Bob Hagenow, Co-Chairs of the Iota’s 100th Celebration


    Frequently asked questions about Iota’s 100th


    Since our December newsletter article, we’ve had a few questions regarding the 100th anniversary celebration. To ensure everyone has a good time, we will try to address them here.


    Who are the Friday night captains?

    The following people will serve as Friday night captains and these Brothers will coordinate small dinners throughout Madison. These dinners will be ala cart and are not included in the weekend registration rates.


    1960 and earlier: Dinner will be at the Concourse, to reserve space email

    cgeiger@hoards.com or call (920) 650-0294


    1961 to 1964: George Morris, (262) 965-2697, gmorris1@wi.rr.com

    1965 to 1968: Stephen Nelson, (414) 235-0746, steve.nelson@chcoakley.com

    1969 to 1971: Jack Kaltenberg, (608) 335-2112, jkaltenberg@pipseeds.com

    1972 to 1974: David Laatsch, (920) 885-5411, laatschdr@hotmail.com

    1975 to 1977: Lloyd Holterman, (920) 988-5368, lloyd@rosylane.com

    1978 to 1980: Bob Holterman, (608) 434-2232, bobholtermanrjh@gmail.com

    1981 to 1983: Being determined

    1984 to 1986: Kevin Griswold, (262) 853-3907, kevin@taglanedairy.com

    1987 to 1989: Jon Anderson, (414) 670-0366, janderson@gradeastrategies.com

    1990 to 1992: Tom Buechel, (920) 650-6808, tbuechel@mckaynursery.com

    1993 to 1995: Matt Anderson (920) 723-9881, badger1286@gmail.com

    1996 to 1999: Ben Towns, (608) 215-8600, bjtowns5@hotmail.com

    2000 to 2004: Todd Schaumberg, (920) 843-2676, tcschaumberg@gmail.com

    2005 to 2007: Andy Mulrooney, (608) 412-1747, admulrooney@gmail.com

    2008 to 2013: Jared Wendt, (608) 630-7236, jaredjwendt@gmail.com


    What is the attire?

    We encourage people to dress in business casual or other appropriate attire for Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon. The evening gala will be suits and ties for the guys and appropriate fashion for the ladies.


    What can spouses attend?

    Spouses and guests may attend every event with the exception of the Saturday morning business meeting. Guests are welcome to participate all the remaining events or go out on their own to check out the State Street area or everything else Madison has to offer.


    What about late registration?

    It is very unlikely that there will be any walkup or late registration. Due to space constraints, registration is limited to the first 350 people. This includes our college brothers.